AdaStone’s team offers you a full service knowledge and expertise covering compliance and litigation issues in the most efficient and pragmatic way.

Our team has years of experience in all aspects of insurance & reinsurance law practice, in both regulatory matters and conflict resolution. We have an in-depth understanding of the sector.

We advise and represent a broad range of players from insurance & reinsurance companies to intermediaries (brokers, agents and mandated underwriters). We are in regular contact with the Belgian supervisory authority (FSMA) and the Belgian National Bank (BNB/NBB) which facilitates and speeds up the handling of our clients’ regulatory challenges.

We assist our clients with Brexit-related challenges and opportunities, including registration of intermediaries in Belgium, passporting rights and reverse branching.

We also handle complex insurance and reinsurance related disputes in and out of court.

We can help you with

Registration, licensing and authorisations

We assist our clients in the process of registration in Belgium, from corporate establishment to licensing and reverse branching

Cross-border activity

We know the strengths of our market and its attractiveness. In close contact with the regulators and the main players, we provide you with pragmatic legal support in the deployment of your activities and facilitate the opening of market doors

Audit and drafting of contracts

We assist you in negotiating, drafting and reviewing your contracts and in designing and drafting  your policies

Disputes resolution

We assist you in handling every type of disputes related to insurance or reinsurance issues and are always keen to suggest out-of-court resolutions when possible


We assist our clients in strategic decision-making about launching new products or entering new business segments and optimise our clients’ legal risk profile in new ventures

Regulatory watch

We provide our clients with updates and insights about new regulations developments and help them anticipate future regulatory developments

Your team

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