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Our team has a much appreciated in-depth knowledge, accuracy and pragmatic approach of Data Protection compliance in several key sectors. We provide assistance in bringing added value to our clients’ business by helping them managing and governing their Data properly and efficiently to benefit their future growth.

The team, which includes several Certified International Privacy Professionals (CIPP/E) and members of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) advises national and international actors in various key sectors such as life sciences, pharmaceutical, marketing, transportation, media, (intermediaries) insurers, non-profit, education and automotive sectors. Continuously anticipating future trends and evolutions, the Team provides innovative solutions which may be easily implemented into client’s business strategies.

We have strong connections with data regulators and health, advertising and marketing professional associations which we assist in the study and analysis of draft laws and regulations at both the Belgian and European level.

We can help you with

DPO missions

We are qualified and certified to act as your DPO, or to assist your DPO when implementing its compliance strategy

Data agreements and audit of contracts

In case of contractual risks for your company,  you will have to align your contracts with employees, subcontractors/sub-processors or simply your partners. We carry out audits and review your contracts to enable full consistency and legality

Data management procedures

We assist you in developing pragmatic processes that enforce data subjects’ rights and manage data breaches and their notification to authorities. We have been involved in the earliest litigations relating to such rights in Belgium and in France, and can perfectly  advise you on the most balanced solutions

General data audits and compliance reports

We assess your compliance status on a regular basis (as part of your GDPR obligations) and provide you detailed reports in accordance with the accountability principle

Health and pharmaceutical Data

We have a good knowledge of health and pharmaceutical data and focus on the priorities and specificities of the sector such as the value of medical care over volume, the patient experience and the widely disruptive industry regulations that threaten data privacy and data ownership

Direct marketing and targeting

We assist companies active in e-commerce, (online) marketing and targeting methods (i.e. social media (micro-)targeting or Addressable TV for e.g.), as well as advertisers, data brokers and web creators in processing data for promotional purposes

Internet search engines and the right to be forgotten

We help you foster a good reputation and develop a preventive protection through the management of your data on search engines, and  support you in the enforcement of your rights

Platforms as online intermediaries

The development of such key players are driven by data; we navigate easily in relevant regulatory frameworks and master cloud computing services, massive data collection process, data segmentation and collaborative economy schemes that support your project

What They’re Saying

Creative in a sense of advancing solutions and thinking outside the box.

Agile and highly available team.

Quality, efficiency and correct remuneration.

Always on track and always on time.


  • Legal 500 – Top tier 1– Media& entertainment
  • Chambers Europe – Band one– Media
  • Leaders League – Leading – Media
  • Media Law International – Tier 1
  • Women in Business Law – Agnès Maqua – TMT practices

List of articles

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18 October 2019
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02 July 2020
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11 September 2018

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