In the fast-changing sector of Transport & Infrastructure, AdaStone’s dedicated team provides cutting-edge and innovative solutions.

Our clients in the transport & infrastructure sector include first-class EU and non-EU air carriers, lessors, ships manufacturers, railway undertakings, road carriers, airports, and real estate players.

Our dedicated team has a deep understanding of the business challenges our clients are facing and top-level legal expertise to help them address these challenges, from public procurement to public private partnership, EU and domestic regulations, and proceedings before domestic and foreign courts. We also have close and strong relations with the regulators in Belgium and France.

We help our clients achieve their business objectives in a pragmatic, effective and solution-oriented manner.

We can help you with

Cross-border activity

We know the strengths of our market and its attractiveness. In close contact with the regulatory authorities and the main players, we provide you with pragmatic legal support in the deployment of your activities and facilitate the opening of market doors

Licensing, authorisations and permits

We assist our clients in establishing a pragmatic contact with the regulators. We assist you in the entire process of licensing, getting authorisations/permits, to ensure your project is successfully implemented


You wish to launch a new project or innovative business segment, the subject is complex and risky: we carry out a preliminary study enabling you to identify the risks. We measure their potential impact with you and look for alternatives offering you optimal legal security

Audit of Contracts

You have identified a contractual risk in your company. Legislation has changed and you need to consolidate your contracts with your employees and subcontractors. We carry out an audit and review your contracts accordingly

Disputes resolution

Your business may face different types of conflicts sometimes truly complex with important financial stakes. Our priority is to protect your business in the most efficient way in alternative dispute resolutions, arbitrations, out-of-courts proceedings and in courts

Tenders and public applications

Whether you are a bidder or an adjudicator, our team has the best skills to support you in conducting calls for tenders ranging from the writing of tender documentation to the award and appeal phases


Our niche expertise enables us to provide you up-to-date and regularly monitored input on latest trends and frameworks, so that your opportunities never miss a chance. This is particularly the case during the period of transposition of directives into national law or the entry into force of regulations

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